Let's get connected in a new way!

Web portal "Biti u vezi - laudato.hr" (Being connected - laudato.hr) is an interactive way of linking people who want the catholic spirituality to be present in the modern world and who love their country Croatia.

Firstly, we use internet to express God’s Word in an up-to-date way so as to reach as many people as possible. For this reason, the on-line rubric religious teaching (catechism) was launched where the ministers answer the questions – Jesuit Antun Volenik in Zagreb, Franciscan Tomislav Glavnik in Molve, Father Josip Lenkić in Zadar and Reverend Robert Šreter in Zagreb are always at disposal to clear the doubts and to give spiritual advice!

(Being connected) Biti u vezi - laudato.hr is the news portal bringing news not only of the Catholic church, but also the auctorial commentaries on the actual social and political topics of Ms Tanja Popec, a journalist and editor at the Croatian Catholic Radio, and Mr Ivica Šola, a journalist, media expert and professora at University of Osijek, whereas economic problems are illustrated by Mr Domagoj Hruška, doctor of economic sciences and promoter of ethical business.

With a view to improve intercommunicating and knowledge of each other, Ms Tanja Baran in Church Profiles presents people working for the common good, and the talks conducted by journalists Ms Marija Pandžić and Ms Helena Cvjetičanin in the rubric Our Encounters (Naši susreti) reveal to us how many people of goodwill live around us and how many ways there are to live in Christ. Furthermore, Ms Ines Grbić discovers the depth of life in seemingly insignificant situations, Ms Martina Šimunić writes about the parenthood and the problems the parents are faced with.

In the rubric Music Scene, available also in English language, we are presenting the participants of the modern spiritual music scenes and festivals. All in one place, you can find all information regarding current festivals, listen and go through audio and photo galleries, and spots of spiritual music performers. Texts about music are prepared by Mr Slavko Nedić, musical editor of the Croatian Catholic Radio (HKR) and recipient of the award Porin for music, whereas the writer Boris Beck writes commentaries dealing with cultural and linguistic issues. 

You may consult Portal Biti u vezi (Being connected) – laudato.hr to find news from the Laudato workshop and to go through the web shop with excellent works of the contemporary Croatian sacral art and to purchase original souvenirs, picture books and didactic toys. Laudato.hr is engaged in particular in promoting modern arts inspired by the Word of God. In addition, every Sunday you will find on the portal an Internet sermon by Father Antun Volenik, DI, from his set of lectures Updated Word, and you may follow the mass readings and the book of hours and learn all information of the Saint of the Day.

And lastly, but not the least important, the portal Biti u vezi - laudato.hr is financed exclusively through the activities of the Gallery Laudato. If you wish to support us in our efforts, we shall be thankful!